Basic Birth Chart: Your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

Basic Birth Chart: Your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.


Astrology is the oldest studied science known to man. It is a 'hall pass' to be who we really are!

As we’ve discussed on the Podcast, your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are all very important to know — not just your sun! This Basic Birth chart is perfect for people new to astrology, or curious about their 3 main signs.

The Sun represents your ego, the moon represents your inner world (this is the true mark of romantic compatibility with someone!) and your rising sign represents your higher self. I often advise people to check their horoscope for all 3 signs.

When you purchase your Birth Chart I will send you an email with your sun, moon, and rising sign along with a brief description of each and what they mean for you.

In order to pull the most accurate Birth Chart for you I will need the following:
- Birth Date
- Birth Place
- Birth Time

*I will email you your completed Birth Chart in the order it was received. This may take up to 3 days. Thank you for your patience <3

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