Advanced Birth Chart: All of your Planetary Placements

Advanced Birth Chart: All of your Planetary Placements


In the Advanced Birth Chart, you will receive your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign along with all of your Planetary placements. These include:

  • Mercury

  • Venus

  • Mars

  • Jupiter

  • Saturn

  • Uranus

  • Neptune

  • Pluto

  • Chiron

    This will paint a totally different picture of your zodiac profile.

    For example, I have forever thought I was a free spirit fire sign. Once I pulled my ENTIRE Birth Chart I realized that I was Earth dominant — full of Capricorn in almost all of my planets! I also had a lot of Scorpio placements, especially when it came to love. Reflecting back on my life, it made so much sense to me…

    If you've ever met someone who is nothing like their sun sign, here is how you find out why.

    *I will email you your completed Birth Chart in the order it was received. This may take up to 3 days. Thank you for your patience <3

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