'Guidance for Lightworkers' Oracle Reading

'Guidance for Lightworkers' Oracle Reading


“Guidance and Empowerment for those who Love the Light”

Using the Lightworker Oracle Deck that we draw from during Podcast episodes, I will tap into your energy to see what message your spirit guides want you to know regarding your journey as a Lightworker. This is a very powerful deck, and the messages are very in-depth.

*After you purchase a Tarot Card Reading, Stephanie will send you an email within 3 days with a PDF file attached. This PDF will contain photos and your full reading.

We accept PayPal and Venmo as well! email us at spowers@lightworkers-lounge.com to arrange payment.

*The Deck used in this reading is ‘Lightworker Oracle’ by Alana Fairchild

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