'Ask Your Guides' Advanced Reading

'Ask Your Guides' Advanced Reading


Do you receive synchronicities from your Spirit Guides all the time? Repeating numbers, spirit animals, feathers…..but aren’t exactly sure what message your Guides are trying to convey to you? This 3 card reading is designed to give you advanced guidance on what message your Spirit Guides are trying to say.

Card 1: The Past
Card 2: The Present
Card 3: The Future

Stephanie will connect with your spirit guides to provide a glimpse into what message they are trying to relay to you…

After you purchase an Oracle Card Reading, Stephanie will send you an email with a PDF file attached. This PDF will contain photos and a description of your cards, as well as additional meanings.

*Please allow up to 5 business days for your Tarot Card Reading to arrive. I like to have a free flowing, clear channel for each individual reading. Knowing this, I am only able to complete a handful of readings per day, so that you may receive the most accurate message.
Thank you for your patience.

*We accept PayPal and Venmo as well! email us at spowers@lightworkers-lounge.com to arrange payment.

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