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“A hub of inspiration for spiritual souls on their journey of enlightening the world.”


What We Do


The Podcast

Stephanie Powers is the host of our podcast show called Lightworkers Lounge, where we discuss everything about Life, Love and the Universe.
Join us every Wednesday for candid conversations about astrology, relationships, holistic living, the law of attraction and other topics about life. Lightworkers Lounge will help you feel not-so-alone in a sleeping world that is slowly waking up.
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Birth charts

Astrology is the oldest studied science known to man. Our planetary makeup is a 'hall pass' to be who we really are! The Founder of LL, Stephanie Powers, will personally pull your astrology birth chart and send you an interpretation of your 3 main signs (Sun, Moon and Rising) along with all of your advanced planetary placements.
Ever wonder why you may not resonate with your sun sign? Order a basic or advanced birth chart today!


Tarot readings

Lightworkers Lounge offers basic (1 card) and advanced (3 card) readings. We specialize in Lightworkers Guidance, Twin Flame/Soul Mate, and Generalized readings. All readings are currently done through email.

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